Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Graduation (Plus training taper)

Well folks, I am officially done being a college student for the time being. I had my last two finals yesterday. Now I can finally focus on JUST work and training. Today being the first day of my collegiate freedom I can start to plan the rest of my racing year. After Ironman Brazil I will do a half Ironman in Chelan, Washington in July, Timex Sprint triathlon in September, Nathan Olympic triathlon at the end of September, Portland marathon October 5th, and SOMA half ironman at the end of October. It all should be a good rest of the season pending continued health and no injuries. I guess now that I am a grown up (ha ha) I should start thinking about finding a job. Any body out there willing to hire a newly-minted entrepreneurial college graduate/triathlete/traveler?

Shameless plug, I know. But seriously, I need a job.. Anyway, back to training.

This week's taper:

-4 swims: total about 12,000 meters
-3 runs: two runs that are less than 45 minutes, and one run that is 2 hours (about 13 miles)
-3 bikes: 1 hour, 2 hours, and a Saturday ride before graduation that is 4 hours (about 65 miles)
-Total: 14 hours

So technically I lied, I do not quite have a day off yet, but I swear it is coming. Maybe next weekend?

I have also been seeing a physical therapist for my lower back. It has been a real bugger lately. So after work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go in there and he stretches me out, adjusts me, and a masseuse gives me a deep-tissue massage. Trust me, you do not want this kind of a massage, and especially not from this lady. Marla the masseuse is quite the masochist. I am more sore after seeing her than I am after a long training day. She seems to find it very amusing when I am face down on the massage table whining like a little girl. I really should stretch more, I guess every other day just isn't cutting it because she has developed a programed response after I yelp in pain, "Boy...... you really should stretch more!" Thanks Marla, I am starting to get the hint.

Another aspect of my taper I am really focusing on is my diet. Because my training has been nearly cut in half, I need to cut my calories in half. This means no more 6,000 calorie days, no more Ben & Jerry's, and unfortunately no more 'guiltless' Nutter Butter and vanilla soy milk binges. If I start gaining weight now it will only result in a longer day on race day. I am cutting out nearly all processed foods and sticking to only fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits. I am aiming for about 2,700to 3,000 calories per day spread out over 5-6 small meals. I figure by the time I get to Brazil I will have dropped about three pounds and on race day be at my ideal weight of 165 lbs and about 6% body fat. Ironman is in seventeen days! It is getting close and I am already getting butterflies :)


"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."
-Doug Larson

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Sam said...

Don't be upset if you gain a couple pounds during your taper vs. losing. That has been my experience, but cutting back your calories will surely help. Just know that it's normal, you don't need another thing to make you worried come race day. You'll burn those pounds off by mile 10 of the bike! Sam